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Game Quitters: Video game addiction resources

Video game addiction is a real mental health condition affecting millions of people around the world.

Game Quitters is a Canadian-based community and resource center for people with videogame addictions, providing not only information on problem gaming, but also resources and awareness for families, spouses, and friends.

What started as a small company has now turned into a worldwide community, providing resources, programs, therapy, and hundreds of blog posts and articles for problem gaming.

Gaming the System Podcast

Gaming the System brings you everything you need to know about video game addiction, and how people have changed their lives after overcoming it.

Each week James will be covering a range of topics from the latest industry news and surprise mechanics, to companies fighting back against gaming disorder.

Life Unlocked Podcast

Brought to you by Game Quitters, Life Unlocked is a podcast dedicated to bringing you powerful, actionable advice through real-world experience from the world of personal development.

Each week, James covers everything from unlocking your creativity to breaking up with your smartphone. All while keeping it relaxed and conversational.

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