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Meet Armin

As a Prevention and Community Engagement Provider, Armin supports the communities of Langley, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Squamish, Whistler and the Sunshine Coast with resources and information around problem gambling, and related topics such as excessive screen time and video gaming. His services focus on providing gambling neutral support and accommodating the unique populations within the communities in which he serves. The services he provides to these communities are achieved through collaboration and engagement. These services include interactive workshops, presentations, booths, and other-directed services. 

Beyond his work, Armin enjoys travelling, hiking, biking and generally existing in nature. You can usually find him wandering a forest and learning about other cultures and trying as many new cuisines as he can find.

Credentials and Experience

Armin is a contractor with the Government of British Columbia in the role of a Prevention and Community Engagement Provider with the Gambling Support BC.

He completed his Master of Public Health from the University of British Columbia and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. Armin has extensive experience working in public health and supporting community members. He has worked as a Health Promoter for the British Columbia Lung Association’s QuitNow program, supporting communities and health professionals with tobacco and vaping cessation support throughout the Lower Mainland and Sunshine Coast. Furthermore, his training, education and interests in public health analytics have led him to work as a Data Analyst for the British Columbia Lung Association’s QuitNow Program. His other work includes conducting travelling clinics with a team of health professionals to assess cardiovascular health of government workers throughout British Columbia.

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